An RV Cohousing Community

Sharon Villines

There is another list that discusses the importance of dark skies in urban areas. A companion list is for the formation of the Mirador, a community focused on Dark Sky advocacy with an education center etc. Included they are planning an RV park and rental units for short stays and a cohousing community directed to those who want to live under dark skies and will probably work in the educational center and observatory. If you want to 

I’m passing on the content of one thought about planning options.

I'm attaching a quick-and-dirty idea I came up with for a tiny RV port duplex.  It's a 900 square foot plan found on and it's sold as a kit, which is not ideal because I don't think it needs to be quite that big and we'd want more windows/doors.  But it's a start.   The carport would be long enough to shelter an RV and a car.  The driveway would be pull-through.   Perhaps the carport, as drawn, could have a power-generating windmill in the gable!

The drawing shows the RV carports in-between the two houses, but the houses could also be next to each other with separate carports on the outside and a narrow service alley in-between the houses to get to the plumbing easily.  Perhaps a fireplace shared by both houses--cleanable from the service alley.

It’s an interesting discussion. Looking for space in western Texas and New Mexico. Something about the skies there.

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