Tell Twitter’s CEO: Stop the censorship of Palestinian news outlets.

Hillel Barak

On Monday three Twitter accounts of a major Palestinian news publication were suspended without warning or explanation. [1]

For days Quds Network scrambled to figure out why – now the real reason is becoming clear:

Twitter appears to have caved to pressure from three anti-Palestiniam members of Congress, shutting down a swath of Palestinian media accounts in a wide ranging censorship strike. 

This is ridiculous. And shows that Twitter is demonizing Palestinian news sites while NOT taking a stand against actual intimidating and violent content.

Twitter allows thousands of white supremacist accounts to remain active, citing “free speech” as a defense. But when actual free speech is on the line – not the calls to hatred and violence posted by right wing radicals – Twitter caves to political pressure. The only reason these accounts were shut down is because they belong to Palestinian publications – and that’s NOT acceptable.

Tell Twitter’s CEO: Stop the censorship of Palestinian news outlets.

Twitter isn’t alone in its censoring of Palestinian social media. Facebook acts as an enforcer of Israel’s authoritarian laws, and each year Facebook removes thousands of Palestinian posts, stifling dissent and information sharing.

What’s infuriating is that it’s working. A new report by our friends at 7amleh found that two-thirds of Palestinian youth are afraid to express their political opinions online, because it could be used against them in interrogations or at border crossings, among other things. [2]

Social media companies should not be complicit in these population control policies – and that’s where we come in.

Right now Twitter is engaged in a huge brand war with Facebook over political advertising, trying to position themselves as the more righteous company. That makes them susceptible to pressure on the back of this censorship overreach.

Tell Twitter’s CEO: Stop the censorship of Palestinian news outlets.

The internet is one of the few places Palestinians can be free – but that’s under attack like never before. Social media is often where stories from Palestine first break, are popularized, and get picked up by news agencies in the U.S. and elsewhere. We need the censorship of these voices to end now. 

Take action today! 

Granate Kim
Communications Director

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