I picked up a phone to change the world ,send a letter

Bilha Sündermann Golan

From: "Janna Jihad @ amnestyusa.org" <alerts@...>
Date: 4 November 2021 

Write a letter, change a life

Dear Friend ,

Like any other teenager, I just want a normal life.

I just want to play soccer with my friends without tear gas canisters raining down on us.

But I live in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Bilha, and life here is anything but normal.

When I was seven years old, the Israeli military killed my uncle — it was a devastating moment for my entire family. I decided then that the world needed to witness the racist brutality Palestinians face at the hands of Israeli forces.

Using my mom’s phone, I started documenting the unannounced night raids, the unlawful demolitions of homes, and the widespread, systematic oppression.

And the world started paying attention! I became the youngest-ever press card-carrying journalist. Then, the death threats began.

Each year, with the help of people like you, Amnesty International stands up for people like me during its Write for Rights campaign. Tell the Israeli government to protect me from discrimination and violence. Your voice is powerful — and when combined with thousands of letters from across the world, your letter can help me safely continue my work.

The power of this community gives me hope. The collective action of 10 million Amnesty supporters has brought justice for so many people jailed or vilified for speaking up for humanity.

We can’t back down — your letter can make a difference.

I’m grateful for your solidarity and commitment to speaking up for people like me — thank you.

Janna Jihad

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