Help Me Fight Apartheid

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Please help Ronnie Barkan

Help Me Fight Apartheid

by Ronnie Barkan

On Nakba Day, May 15th 2022, I took part in an action against Elbit Systems HQ in Bristol along with other activists. As a result, nine of us were arrested. I was imprisoned for a month and only released under strict bail conditions, currently awaiting trial.

A year earlier I also participated in an action at Elbit's Oldham factory, a facility which has been shut down six months later. I now have two upcoming crown court cases.

Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest private arms company manufacturing anything from bullets to drones and even cluster munitions and white phosphorus which have been illegally used in civilian areas, such as the besieged and densely populated Gaza Strip. Its weapons are manufactured, tested and perfected in close cooperation with the Israeli army using Palestinians as their test subjects. These weapons are a key element in the racial domination and oppression over Palestinians, while also being sold as "battle tested" to numerous oppressive and despotic regimes across the world.

Elbit Systems manufactures over 85% of the killer drones which are heavily used by the Israeli military to control, terrorize and murder civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. They use Elbit's killing machines specifically in order to maintain that illegal siege and the ongoing Nakba, denying Gaza residents - the vast majority of which are refugees - their right to return home.

"Confronting Apartheid: A critical discussion", The Hague, 11 April 2019:

Up until recently, Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries had 10 sites operating in the UK. Over the past year, 2 of these facilities have been permanently shut down. This is most likely the result of sustained protests by conscientious citizens.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to receive legal aid and am therefore required to fully cover my legal defence which amounts to £50,000. This amount is beyond my reach, which is why I depend on your generous help here. I am represented by Kellys Solicitors and Garden Court Chambers who are already in the midst of preparatory work and attending court hearings, while expenses have started to pile up.

"Please join me in helping my friend Ronnie Barkan and all the other Palestine Action heroes. They are helping us open our eyes to the dystopia that we live in. And expose its deadly entrails. Entrails like the warmongering Israel armaments company Elbit Systems.

More power to you Ronnie, hang in there.

- Roger Waters, 6 Aug. 2022

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Sharing on social media and with your friends and family would also be of great help in spreading the word about the fundraiser.

Thank you so much, r.


Clarifying financial matters:

  • All the money raised on this platform goes directly to Kellys Solicitors/Garden Court Chambers to cover my legal defence.

  • One trial is set for April 2023 and the other's date is yet to be fixed, but the legal preparatory work and court attendances have already started and so expenses have also started piling up.

  • Please don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions: fightapartheid@...


Abolish apartheid, free Palestine.