"abcusers" is for users and developers of ABC music notation (the free, open source, text-based notation system) to discuss how to use it and update the ABC music standard.
Chris Walshaw began the formal standardization of ABC music notation in the 1970s. Find out more about what it is at his site:

This group replaced the abcusers YahooGroups (begun Oct 16, 2005) due to Yahoo/Verizon/Oath shutting down all YahooGroups on December 15, 2020. After much discussion, polling (concluded Oct 5, 2020) of abcusers YahooGroups members strongly favored (76%) and that it be a Restricted group (72%) - which satisfied policy that we seek to thwart SPAMMING. Membership and initial messages require approval (by our own group's Moderators). 

Our message archive has been uploaded and is public, as it was at YahooGroups (with email addresses masked). isn't exactly what YahooGroups was (when it was good), but has virtually the same features, and more. Its management is active and responsive, with improvements discussed and made frequently, and offers both free and paid groups.

To join this group, the preferred way is to:
send an email to:
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click on the "+Apply For Membership In This Group" button below
follow instructions, including replying to follow-up "Confirm" and "Pending Member" email messages

We ask 2 questions:
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Posting messages here (by Members) can be done by:
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Messages can also be replied to - if your message is not a reply to the Subject of the message you are replying to, please change the Subject so that everyone will know what you are talking about.

Anyone may join - please use your current email address (subscribed to the YahooGroups group) to retain 'authorship' of your previous posts (it is easy to change it after you are subscribed). Ask me if you're not sure how. We could 'Direct Add' identified current members (subject to your confirmation) to transition more quickly, but have not because a few people believe that asking for 'confirmation to want to join' might violate privacy.
Please send your questions (or if you wish, your answers to the 2 questions above) to: 
Michael Pavan 'Group Owner'

Special thanks to:
Jef Moine (who heroically prepared the messages subsequent to YahooGroups GetMyData download on 2019-11-15 to be uploaded)
Peter Yarensky (whose coordination and poll led to us finally making a decision to move and where).
Alice Corbin, Chris Fargen, Chuck Boody, David Vergin, Donald Taylor, Jim Coon, Nadarajah Thirugnanasothy, Paul Hardy, Paul Sherwood, Peter Yarensky, Philip Headford, Richard Wheeler, Steve Jones, Thomas Keays, and William Obermeyer who contributed to pay the one time fee of $220 to upload our archives.
Paul Sherwood for a better 'cover' picture (than the default picture of elephants).

Thanks to everyone for their considerate posts sharing information about ABC music notation, and discussing how to improve and update the Standard so it can do all everyone wants now and in the future. We may not agree on what we want and how to do it, but let's keep discussion friendly and agreeable. 

Updated 2021-01-26

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