Welcome to the new Z16357 group

Jared Smith

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The Z16357 project web site is It has STR
and SNP spreadsheets, known ancestries for members, and additional
information and resources on our branch of the Y-DNA tree.

Today I added a new tree overview graphic at and on the homepage. It should provide
a more basic overview of where folks are at - or may end up with

I also added Joel's STR relationship chart to the STR page.

I've also further extended the STR and GD spreadsheets with likely
Z16357+ people. I want to add as many as I can find, then I'll focus
more on recruiting them to the project (I'll need help from others to
get contact info from their Y-DNA and Big-Y matches).

The tree is likely to change a bit in the coming month or so with the
several tests that are underway - it makes sense to get a better sense
of where some of the new people end up before recommending tests for

Feedback and additional ideas are very welcome.


Joel Hartley

Thanks Jared,

I am very interested in the work that you have done. Here is a link to a Blog I wrote on a STR Tree for likely Z17911 Hartleys. I hope to write more on a Z17911 STR Tree.

Joel Hartley