Goff's results and a new branch is born!

Jared Smith

Thomas Goff's SNP pack results are in and he has moved way down to the
tips of the Z17911 branch. He is both BY11573+ (currently with Thomas,
Bennett, and Merrick) and also BY11565+ which is only Merrick.

With him and Merrick both having this SNP, this creates a new BY11565+
branch of our tree!!! I had this as a theoretical branch, but this
confirms it. It also adds additional credibility to BY11573 as a very
solid branch, and pushes the tips of this branch at least 100 years
closer to present day.

Thank you Mr. Goff for investing in this test!

I need to process and analyze these results a bit more, but have
updated the SNP tree at I catch a
flight for NYC early in the morning, but will soon notify Mike W. to
update his R-L513 tree. I also think that FTDNA should probably also
push a terminal SNP name update for all 4 of you to reflect these

I'm not sure if Merrick has done a FamilyFinder test, but if so, it
would be worth checking for an autosomal DNA match between you. It's
probably a long shot, but a match would place your common ancestor
within the last few hundred years.

Unfortunately, this does cause some disruption to Joel's STR analysis
in his wonderful blog post today. The STRs he suggests map to Z17911
and Z11573 work for everyone - except for Goff - who is just the
opposite. I, like Joel, had presumed that Goff would stay at Z17911
based on his STR results. He's a very close STR match to me, but I
don't have BY11573 or BY11565. I guess this shows that STRs (at least
less than 111+ of them) are still just a rough predictor of haplogroup
- especially for this last ~1000 years of our branch.

This is all very exciting to me!


Joel Hartley

Hi Jared,

Thanks for the late breaking news. I agree that this is all very exciting and good fun. A lot of the excitement is watching the branching of our own little part of the human tree before our eyes.

I was guessing that many of these people were pushing down past Z17911 where you and I are, but was surprised by the new results. Jared, if I am really at A11130, then that leaves you alone at Z17911. However, that should change soon once you get your Big Y results.

I suppose that these could be fast moving SNPs or I missed the STRs where all the changes are happening or there were a lot of back mutations. Haha, back to the drawing board.



Charles Thomas

Now I see how to reply! :-)

To Thomas Goff, I'm happy you got your results back. Thanks for having the analysis.