A new Hartley member

Jared Smith

I'd like to welcome Michael Hartley to the group. He has kit #617805
and has recently done the Y67 DNA test. He likely shows as a match to
some of you (he is GD=7 to me at Y67). I've added him to the STR and
GDs spreadsheets -

I also added another Hartley from their surname project - there are
now 5 Hartleys and Sanchez (who is a Hartley) in addition to Joel.
These are all very good candidates for additional testing on the
Hartley branch of Z17911.

Michael's most distant known ancestor originates in England around
1660, then came to Pennsylvania in a Quaker emigration. Having such an
old ancestor defined for our tree is very helpful. Hopefully we can
establish Michael's location on our tree.

Welcome aboard Michael!