DNA Day Sale - Big-Y $150 off

Jared Smith

I hope everyone is doing well. We haven't had any new tests on our
branch of the tree lately, but now is the optimal time for us to
recruit new Big-Y testers. Big-Y is on sale for only $450 through
Thursday of this week.

If everyone on this list would send just a couple e-mails to some of
their close Y-DNA matches, we likely could recruit several new

Someone asked for some positive messaging to help recruit Big-Y
testers, so I wrote the following, in case you'd like to use or modify

Big-Y testing maps the genetic tree of humanity. We're slowly mapping
every Y-DNA mutation to particular ancestors - some known by name and
some too ancient to be known. Even for very old common ancestors,
these markers provide a unique identifier for them - a way to identify
family tree connections that could not possibly be made using
genealogical records.

Traditional genealogy works from modern day and builds the tree
backward from us to our ancestors. Y-DNA genealogy works in reverse -
we've identified mutations in our ancient ancestors and are
identifying new cousin relationships, new branches, and more defined
family timelines with each new Big-Y test. For many family lines,
we're still very much in the early days of this research, but each new
test provides better clarity.

On our own Z16357 part of the Y-DNA tree
(http://dna.smithplanet.com/), we are getting much better defined
branches. We're getting closer to knowing geographies of some of our
ancestors - where and when they lived in the British Isles in the last
few thousand years. As we define and verify the individual mutations
that form new branches on our tree, we are paving the path for others
to eventually take very inexpensive DNA tests to see how their direct
male line connects with the rest of humanity. This future is only
possible if we pave the way by investing in Big-Y!


Jared Smith

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