Re: Mike Hartley BigY

Jared Smith

I did some additional analysis of Michael's results from his raw data.
There's not too much more to add, but I did find a couple other
variants that Joel and Michael share:
22425308 G A
25297201 T A
26310965 T C

As a brief explanation of this, 22425308 (for example) is the position
on the Y chromosome. The ancestral value (meaning the one that pretty
much everyone else has) for this position is G, but both of them have
an A here.

However, all three of these are in rather questionable areas on the
chromosome where poor reads can occur, so it's possible (though not
very likely) that these are both mis-reads that just happen to be the
same, or that some other relative could also have this variant, but
the test might not catch it due to its location.

I also found one solid INDEL that they both share:
18721623 A AA

Think of an INDEL (short for Insertion/Deletion) as a 'hiccup' on the
DNA - where the transfer of DNA from father to son results in one or
more extra segments of the DNA getting injected, or where a segment of
the DNA disappears. In this case, the ancestral marker is A, but you
two both have an extra A (thus AA) here.

We don't typically count INDELs as "SNPs", but this is certainly a
high quality mutation that you almost certainly got from a common
ancestor, so it can be used for comparing future matches.

I'm sure Mike W. and Alex will likely find some additional novel
variants for Michael when they do their analysis, but I think this is
probably everything that they share that is worth tracking.

I'll send the data to Michael Sager soon and ask him to update the
FTDNA tree and update your terminal SNPs to A11132.


On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 10:57 AM, Michael W. Hartley
<> wrote:
I finally found this place. My raw data is on it's way to Jared and Mike
Walsh. Let me know what else you need.

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