New Thomas/Martin branch

Jared Smith

The S5668 SNP pack results are in for Chuck Martin and they confirm a
new Thomas/Martin branch of the tree.

First, I had indicated Chuck's kit # previously as 161394. That was
incorrect. His actual kit # is 495859.

One of Thomas' (previously) unique SNPs is FGC33966. FTDNA included
this SNP in the S5668 SNP Pack. Chuck Martin is positive for FGC33966
(and also BY11573), thus verifying this new branch!

I've updated my charts at to reflect
the new branching (you may need to hit Refresh). You'll notice that we
currently don't have anyone left right at S59969/BY11573 - they've all
moved to downstream blocks in just the last few weeks due to new test

This places the common Thomas/Martin ancestor at probably 500-700
years ago. It's likely that Thomas and Martin also share some of
Thomas' other 'unique' SNPs - such as FGC33968 and FGC33967 - see Each new SNP
match would move your common ancestor 100+ years closer to present
day. But you are GD=6 at Y67, so this does suggest that your common
ancestor is still probably at least a few hundred years back, and that
we got lucky and hit gold with your FGC33966 SNP match.

In other news, I see that FTDNA has updated their tree with some of
our recent changes (I'll request that FGC33966 be added). If I'm
reading it correctly, the new terminal SNP for Bennett and Phillips (I
currently have as ??? on my charts) is labelled BY15420. They also
list BY15419 upstream of this and BY11565, but I'm not sure what this
SNP is. I'll try to figure it out.

Discovering new branches is what this project is about, and new ones
always make my day!



PS - Chuck, I don't see you in the Martin project. Maybe try
re-joining - or maybe something odd is happening there.

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