Re: Phillips Big-Y - new Bennett/Phillips branch

Jared Smith

Charles -

Oh, that must be Chuck Martin's SNP pack results. I don't see those
results at all yet, but that would put him at the same place on the
tree as you. We don't know if he's on the same branch as Bennett and
Phillips because none of those SNPs are yet in the SNP pack - heck, we
just discovered them a few hours ago. :-)

Chuck, if this is all correct, that confirms your placement on the
tree as Y29969/BY11573 (with BY11573 being the SNP you've actually
tested positive for).

Joel, I don't see Brent Phillips in my Big-Y matches list either. It
seems they're still processing this batch of results.

Two new family lines positioned on our tree in one day! Excellent!


On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 2:23 PM, Joel Hartley <joel@...> wrote:
Thanks Jared,

I was wondering what happened to that test. Also I'm wondering why I can't
see Phillips on my match list? Hopefully, it should show up soon.


On 2/18/2017 2:45 PM, Jared Smith wrote:

The Big-Y results for Brent Phillips are in. He is confirmed R-Y29969
with Bennett and Thomas. This is phylogenetically equivalent to
BY11573. You'll notice FTDNA has changed the terminal SNP for Bennett
and Thomas to Y29969 - it's a more reliable SNP to check.

Beyond this, there's also a new tentative Bennett/Phillips branch.
They both share the following markers (and perhaps some others that
are yet to be discovered):

These are in rather poor read areas for the Y-DNA test, but I believe
at least the first one should hold up under further analysis to create
this new branch.

I had thought that Bennett and Phillips would share more good SNPs
(i.e., they had a more recent common ancestor), but this proves that
their lines split after Y29969. But both of them have around 10 good
unique SNPs that would provide distinct Bennett and Phillips branches
with additional cousin testers.

Another good discover with the Phillips and my Smith Big-Y is
validation of 5 or 6 other SNP markers that those of us on the Z17911
block share. This means that Z17911 is a bigger/longer block than we
had previously thought, thus moving our more recent ancestor in that
block closer to modern day.

My own VERY rough estimate based on what we know now is that our most
recent Z17911 lived probably around 1200 years ago, with the
Bennett/Phillips/Thomas/Merrick/Goff Y29969/BY11573 ancestor living
around 800 years ago.

Brent's results add some very useful information to our project!


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