Re: My Big-Y results

Joel Hartley

Hi Jared,

It seems like with the people that we had, all the branching that was going to happen already happened. The good news is that Michael Hartley has expressed interest in the Big Y. This could produce some extra resolution between your branch of YDNA and mine.

I think that the reason I have some named SNPs is that I believe my Hartley administrator, William Hartley, probably went in and named some of my SNPs after I took the Big Y test.

Sorry for your disappointment. As you know, this BigY is a long term thing. It's good to be a pioneer, but being way out in front of the pack can be lonely!


On 2/17/2017 1:03 AM, Jared Smith wrote:
Yes, I now form a new theoretical branch from Z17911 (well, theoretical until I can get a closer cousin to test). My branch will be a sibling to your Hartley branch, which is a sibling to the BY11573 branch with Thomas, Bennett, Merrick, and Goff. As soon as I can update it, I'll add my pink box to the SNP tree.

Of note is that your Hartley theoretical branch is depicted with A11130, but that just represents one of the dozen or so private SNPs that have been identified for you. My box will also fill with a dozen or so of similar (but not yet named) SNPs.

Joel, you are also my top match, followed by Bennett, then Thomas, as you'd expect considering these results.

I'm a bit disappointed that no new branches were formed with my results, but this paves the road for others to follow. Now to redouble my research efforts to find a distant Smith cousin!


On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 12:34 PM, Joel Hartley <joel@...> wrote:

You are my top BigY match now:


On 2/16/2017 10:27 AM, Jared Smith wrote:
My Big-Y results (kit #307773) are in. I am firmly (still) at
R-Z17911. I had hoped that I would share some private/novel SNPs with
Hartley, or maybe a few with Bennett or Thomas, but it appears that my
branch split near the same time as the Harley and BY11573 (and
downstream) branches. I do have quite a few of my own private/novel
SNPs for this new potential Smith branch below Z17911, but there are
no new branches (yet) from my test results.

I'm just off on a road trip, but will try to find some time to analyze
things more fully.


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