YFull tree updates

Jared Smith

Joel noted on the R-L513 list that YFull has updated their tree based
on Bennett's results - https://www.yfull.com/tree/R-S5668/

R-Z16351 is our branch (what I call Z16357). They have Joel alone at
the base of this branch because there's not yet other results to
differentiate him.

They now have Thomas and Bennett on the Y29969 branch. I had
identified this SNP as being distinctive to Thomas and Bennett at

They don't show BY11573 for them (like I, FTDNA, and Big Tree do),
probably because it was a questionable read for both - and they don't
have Merrick's results or SNP Pack results to add validity to it.
Merrick had no or poor test coverage for Y29969, so for now we should
consider Y29969 and BY11573 to be phylogenetically equivalent. I'll
update my tree to reflect this.

They also updated the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA)
estimates - moving Z16351/Z16357 (Hartley) a bit older to 1550 ybp and
Y29969 (Thomas and Bennett) to 1200 ybp.


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