Re: Z17911 BigY

Jared Smith

Then scratch what I posted before - though this is the logic used for
positioning on the tree. I recall now that I had written earlier about
these 2 SNPs.

These are both known SNPs, but for totally different haplogroups. They
are in poor coverage regions on your tests, so I think they are either
misreads or they are private SNPs that just happen to coincide with
the other known SNPs. It seems FTDNA has identified them as
differences for you because they were in some database somewhere at
the time the results were processed.

CTS3563 is an SNP for the E haplogroup (search for CTS3563 at Alex has it highlighted
pink on Merrick's results which means it's on the edge of a coverage

CTS11841 is very similar. This is C>T at position 23311208. This is an
I haplogroup SNP in the ISOGG list. This is one that you have that
Merrick doesn't. This mutation isn't listed by Alex for you, probably
because it is on the very edge of a coverage region - so probably a
misread for you.

CTS11841 should also show as a difference between you and Bennett
(he's negative for it). But it is a 'maybe' for some of the others on
our branch (Thomas, one of the Hays men, etc.). This reinforces that
it's in a poor read area. I suspect that FTDNA dropped this one from
consideration between the time your results were processed and
Bennett's were, so that's why it's not showing for you two... or

This is what differentiates Alex's analysis from FTDNA's tools - Alex
takes the time to analyze these things to weed out such anomalies and
questionable reads, and he look for possibilities (especially between
multiple men) that don't fit within FTDNA's automated processes. Rumor
has it some new SNP tools will be coming to FTDNA soon - their current
tools seem to be rather lacking.


On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 4:46 AM, Joel Hartley <joel@...> wrote:
Here are the two SNPs that the Big Y shows as being different between me and

CTS3563 CTS11841

According to the Big Tree website:

CTS3563 is 15022900-G-A

That shows up as a unique mutation for Merrick. So I wouldn't think that if
Merrick has this as a unique mutation that that would count as a one SNP
difference. I don't know much about CTS11841. Apparently I have that one and
Merrick doesn't. I have also read that it is unreliable, so I'm not sure why
this would be listed as a difference between me and anyone.


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