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James Bennett

Results are in -- I'm not sure I've learned anything new though.  Well, the TMRCA is new to me.

Terminal SNPs:FGC33419 • Z16343 • Z16344 • Z16345 • Z16347 • Z16348 • Z16349 • Z16350 • Z16351 • Z16352 • Z16353 • Z16354 • Z16355 • Z16357 • Z16358 • Z16855 • Z16856 • Z17911 • Z17912

MRCA branchTMRCA CI 95% ybpMost distant ancestor [i]    Country of origin [i]    IDPMTerminal HgShared
shared SNPs
All shared
R-Z163511250 (1950<->750)YF07295R-Z16351  44  3276
R-Z163511250 (1950<->750)YF06110R-Z16351  43  3073

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Thanks James, BY11573 cousin

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I'm in the queue

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Hello all,

Just wondering if one of us is the new result in process at YFull? Joel Hartley and I are currently there on the R-Z16351 branch, but a new number is listed there with "Analysis in progress..."

Thanks again to Jared for starting this group, and to Jared and Joel for allthe analysis.

I couldn't figure out how to reply to the topic thread regarding Thomas Goff's results, so I will say here congrats on getting your results and they help each of us in discovering our origins.

Charles Thomas

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