Re: Project update

Charles Thomas

PPS: I have an Evans match at ysearch, gd5 from me at 37 markers. I tried to contact him but no reply as of yet.


DYS 393DYS 390DYS 19/394DYS 391DYS 385aDYS 385bDYS 426DYS 388DYS 439DYS 389-1
DYS 392DYS 389-2DYS 458DYS 459aDYS 459bDYS 455DYS 454DYS 447DYS 437DYS 448
DYS 449DYS 464aDYS 464bDYS 464cDYS 464dDYS 460GATA H4YCA IIaYCA IIbDYS 456
DYS 607DYS 576DYS 570CDY aCDY bDYS 442DYS 438

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