New Big-Y files needed

Jared Smith

Hello fellow Z16357 cousins! Things have been relatively quiet around here - no new matches in quite some time. Now's a great time to recruit those STR matches of ours = Big-Y is on sale for $475.

For Big-Y customers, you've probably seen that FTDNA has made notable updates to their Big-Y tools. There are some nice improvements (though still some issues they are working through).

FTDNA has also moved to a new Y-DNA reference - hg19 to hg38. At it's most basic level, this is an adjustment of the numeric values that are used to represent different 'markers' on the Y-chromosome. Z16357, for example, is a G to T allele change at position 22,512,912 when using the older hg19 reference, but it's G to T at position 20,351,026 using the hg38 reference. So all of the SNP and variant numbering at will need to be updated. The new reference provides us some opportunity to find new shared or novel variants.

To update my research and reference numbers, I need your updated FTDNA Results and VCF files.

Please take a few moments to download and e-mail them to me. This will be incredibly helpful to our research.

1. Log in to FTDNA.
3. Click "Export Results" at the top right and save the .csv file
4. Click "Download Raw Data" at the top right.
5. Click "Download VCF" at the bottom and save the .zip file.
6. Attach both the .csv and .zip files to a new e-mail and send to me off-list - jared@...

Once I have everyone's updated results, I'll analyze them, update the web site, and let you know if I find anything interesting.


Jared Smith

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