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Yaesu Transceivers Explained

A discussion of each radio, one by one, and give the full story on the decisions and reasons (as compared to speculation). I will also start off that theory of Yaesu have taken models out of production to charge more money is absolutely ridiculous.

DR1 repeater-discontinued - This was part of the BETA test program and was NOT for sale to the general public. You had to apply to the program and be approved for the repeater. This required feedback and information to be able to be applied to the release of the repeater (the DR-1X).

DR1X repeater-discontinued - This was the first repeater released and was released back in 2014 and was in production until 2017. This was until the next model, with more features, and improvements over the previous model. HOWEVER, we did offer a trade-in/upgrade program AND we offered a refurbished program. (Not seeing many or other repeater manufacturers offering that option).

FT1DR handheld-discontinued - Was our first Fusion handheld and built off of the VX-8 chassis and design. Production was ended because we upgraded components (GPS chip) which caused us to need to issue a new model number with it. However, the upgrades did not impact features but just some components and thus the XD model number was added.

FT1XDR handheld-discontinued - Was part of the FT-1D line even though it was considered the XD model #. Total time of production for the FT-1D/XD line was from 2013 through 2017.
FT2 handheld-discontinued - Was released as it had more added features such as touch screen, dual Fusion abilities on the A and B band, and more. Was in production through the introduction of the FT3D and was then taken out of production as components were starting to come to an end.

FT3 handheld-discontinued - With the events of COVID-19 many supplies for components have been ended and replacements have been made. However, these required a redesign to make the components work and to much of a change would have occurred which would have required re-certification. So why would we do that and NOT add some features and options that people have requested. (I guarantee that if we just worked on adding the changed components that the world would be set on fire by some slamming us).

FT70DR handheld-discontinued - THE FT70D IS STILL IN PRODUCTION AND STILL FOR SALE! (Where did you get this information)

FTM100 mobile-discontinued - Yep components and we are dealt curve balls.

FTM3200 mobile-discontinued - Yep components
FTM3207 mobile-discontinued - Broken record components

FTM400DR mobile-discontinued - GPS was upgraded and the 400 series is STILL in production

FT991 HF/VHF/UHF-discontinued - Was upgraded to an A version as it added features
DR1X upgraded to DR1XDR - Was not an upgrade was a factory refurbished option

FT1DR replaced by FT1XDR - See comments above
FTM400DR replaced by FTM400XDR - See comments above
FT991 replaced by FT991A - See comments above

I should also point out that ALL of these devices still work with Yaesu System Fusion and can STILL be repaired by Yaesu. As a matter of fact the FTM100D received an update even it was out of production.