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This list is for open and honest discussion of the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) purebred dog. We will include health issues, grooming, diets, potty habits, training for conformation and obedience, etc and some breeding issues. We are encouraging experienced owners and breeders to share their knowledge and experience with others looking for guidance and education on what it means to be an "Owner" and/or "Responsible and Dedicated Yorkshire Terrier Breeder".

So please consider joining us if you are owned by a Yorkie OR if you are in need of learning about the Yorkie before acquiring one for a pet. Our members are Companion/Pet owners, showdog owner/breeders, hobby breeders, rescue owners, etc. If you compete with your Yorkie in the dog shows....we LOVE to hear show brags. A winning Yorkshire Terrier is cause for celebration.
Speaking of rescue Yorkies ....many of these special dogs have out of the ordinary needs/ might consider the expert advice available here if your rescue is experiencing behavioral problems or if he/she has health issues. Doesn't matter who, what or where....ALL YORKIES AND THEIR OWNERS ARE WELCOME HERE!

It is MANDATORY that you introduce yourself to the group. You must post this introduction to the group within 48 hours of joining. We would like to know your real name and the state you live in. This information is required to prevent undesirable individuals from entering our Yorkie world here on Yahoo. I feel this requirement makes our group a safer place for our members to chat freely about the love of their life!

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