York County Star Party
///**** 2020 Dates: TWO PARTIES..MAY 22-25 AND SEPTEMBER 16-20 ********///

The registration page has been designed and made active Thursday January 16, 2020, thanks to the efforts of BJ Gollatz, one of the members of the local club that has supported the star party for about 20 years. 
Each party is listed separately on the same page, and BJ referred to them as the May "Virgo Cluster Party" and the September "Andromeda Party" to distinguish registrations. 
There are 3 reasons to register early:  IN LESS THAN A WEEK WE HAVE MORE THAN A DOZEN SOULS REGISTERED.
1. There are a lot of expenses behind the scenes, so if you register, I can plan the budget better
2. There is a maximum size for attendance without ending up under trees, and I'm getting interest from people 2-4 hours away.  I have no idea how many the 2 fields (tents and RVS) can hold (75? 150?), but I will need to go there (closer to spring!) to check it out and possibly measure spaces for attendees to get an idea. 
3. If I can interest a food vendor for the MAY Virgo Cluster party, it will help if they know they will have some customers.  Busy Bee already committed to the September party.  As an alternative, using the BBQ grills, driving to area eateries, or bringing camp stoves are welcome.  No open ground fires allowed.
I will send a follow up to this email to help answer the most common questions, as we proceed to update the website ASAP. 

Thanks everyone to helping to keep YOUR party going all these years!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!  Stay tuned!

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