Increasing Font Size



The option "Options->Log Fields, Fonts, Default File..." allow the increase of the font size in the Log Font, among others.  When I increase the font size, it no longer fits into the fields.  Can the size of the fields be increased to allow larger fonts to be used?  I use Consolas font and 12 point seems to be about the limit.

Thank you for the help!

XMLog Support

Hi Jim,

   I think you've discovered the only feature that can be used to play with the font size.  XMLog is not in active development, I'm only releasing new versions that have fixes to problems concerning the current feature set.

   I did have someone a while back that took a brute force tactic to address this problem.  He moved the XMLog log window to his second monitor and then reduced the display resolution so that everything was magnified!

Mike - W1ECT