Settings for Kenwood 590S


     I've been using XMLOG for several years now, I have no use for any of those other fancy logging programs, heck my main log is still a paper log, over the years I've managed to stumble my way around and enter my contacts and send them off to LoTw but I finally decided to interface my 590S with XMLOG.

     I also use N1MM plus but I only use it for contesting, I use SKCC logging for all my SKCC contacts and WSJT-X for FT-8, all the set up settings are basically the same but when I try to setup SMLOG I have trouble understanding what the flow control settings, all my other settings are 57,600 8 n 1 but after that is where I get confused for the settings.

     Also, does something show up that indicates the logging program has sync'd up with the radio, frequency or anything like that?  I know on N1MM when everything is set up correctly and you start it there is a frequency display and when you log it automatically adds the frequency, mode and time, any comments will be appreciated.
thanks and 73 John K2IZ