Pinball Indicator


I hope someone can help me. I want to add a pinball indicator for stocks to my excel sheet. The Momentum Pinball strategy is easy to use and easy to understand. The strategy uses a purpose-built technical analysis indicator called the Pinball indicator. The Pinball indicator is an aggregate indicator. It plots a 3-period RSI (relative strength) of a 1-period ROC (rate of change). More on that here

So Im trying to plot this function and highlight the cell of the stock green or red (buy/sell). Maybe someone could help me with the formula.

Thanks in advance!!


So I was able to compute the roc1, computing the rsi2 from a stock is not a problem. but I neet the rsi from that roc1.....

Olo Rising

Hi Constantin,

I was reading up on the pinball momentum you posted and was wondering if I could have a look at your excel model?

my email is <olorising@...>

Please let me know. 

Olo Rising

Here's a link with an excel model to calculate the RSI, you would just need to point it to the ROC for last 3 periods, to get the 3 period Average.


unfortunately I want to do all the stuff with xql...but thanks!