Use Multiple Data Sources


The recent loss of Yahoo as a day data source had a silver lining.  I learned a lot more about the XLQ program.  Like many users, I had to move from Yahoo to TDA.  I also had to become more familiar with XLQ preferences in order to change the default data source to TDA.  And I learned a heck of a lot more about the XLQ formula and how to use it in my spreadsheet.

I determined that making TDA as the day data source allowed me to change all formula so that it doesn't even need to list the data source - since TDA is now the default.

I also figured out that the not all data is available from every data source.  As an example, TDA does not provide Price to Book %, yet Yahoo does.  However, to pull data from Yahoo when TDA is the default, you have to show Yahoo as the data source in the XLQ formula.

I also realized that the XLQ Demo program is very helpful and can be used to compare what data is available from TDA and Yahoo for the same stock symbol.

I am really happy that Yahoo is now back providing data, but  TDA appears to be faster and I am not having any issues with obtaining data on around 1300 shares so will continue with TDA as default.  But I will also add Yahoo to pull data (price to book) that TDA does not provide.

Good job Leo!

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