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Make sure to review the demo spreadsheet.  There is a worksheet  for historic and another for day formulas.


Make sure to go into the xlq preferences and set the default source for day to TDA and the default source for historic to Yahoo.  Once that is done, you do not have to identify the source in your formulas as the default source will automatically go to those sources.  Then make sure your formulas are for the appropriate day or historic.




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It appears I'm under the impression yahoo is still a viable source.

I have it set up yahoo for my historic data with TDA giving me my daily data.

I'll go back and read the past comments. Obviously I'm missing something very basic here.






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Make sure you read all of the past comments about this issue. There are a variety of reasons why u could be having problems.  Have u signed up for TDA account and completed everything they require.

Have u gone into xlq preferences and selected TDA in 2 places?

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Thanks, I tried changing "yahoo” to “TDA” but I then get "Busy..." in the cell

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