Upgrade to firmware 1.07

dennnis WB8WTU

Hello Group.

I received my G1M recently. It is frustrating that so little documentation is available for the G1M other than Eham reviews. Mine came with firmware version 1.06 installed. The receiver sounds very good and power output is at spec on 20 and 15 meters and above specs on 80 and 40 meters. Nice radio.

I saw that firmware version 1.07 was available from several sites. Assuming that Tera Term was the app to update the firmware, I loaded the new version without problem. I'm not sure what changes were made - again no version history - but I did notice two (2) things.

1. - After loading version 1.07, the version readout on the G1M still says 1.06. Did it load correctly? - yes because:
2. - The CW filter is now MUCH more narrow than 800 Hz. Very noticeable difference. For a CW op like me, much appreciated. Bandwidth sounds like 400 Hz to my ear - subjective but not 800 Hz wide as before. If there are other improvements to the firmware, I was not able to identify them.

Anyway, I just thought I would pass this on. Others may have a different perspective or more information on this new firmware.



Hi Dennis, Hope I got your name correct and forgive me if I did get it wrong.

You mentioned a firmware version 1.07, could you please paste or type a URL site linke to 

where this may be downloaded.


dennnis WB8WTU

Good morning Chuck,

You got my name right - no problem. Here are two (2) links for the 1.07 firmware download. On the Radioddity site, just click on the G1M image and the download choices will pop up.

I'll send a note to Xiegu and see if they have some information regarding 1.07.



Hi all,

I may have some insight on this, in somewhat round-about way.

I had an issue with my G1M, it would turn on and you can hear static, but no display. Since I also own G90, that behavior was very familiar. If you leave G90 connected to the computer via CAT cable when powering on, sometimes that will wipe out your frimware, causing the exact same behavior. The only fix is to re-load the firmware.

I got my G1M from Radioddity so I reached out to them for help. At that time, about 2 weeks ago, they did not have the firmware posted. After going back and forth with support couple of times, they finally emailed me the 1.07 firmware to re-load, as stock firmware. The firmware file was created on June 9th, 2020 and my radio was only couple of weeks old at that point, so in my case there is a good chance that 1.07 was stock.

Update process is exactly the same as G90, using TeraTerm and all the same settings. Since both radios are "G-CORE" platform, I guess that sort-of makes sense.

If you are going to do an update, before you start, grab G90 firmware v1.70 from Radioddity as that download contains TeraTerm and very detailed update instructions. Follow the instructions, but of course use G1M firmware file instead of G90.

Firmware re-load fixed the issue and my G1M is alive again. I have no idea what my firmware version was before the issue happened and what Radioddity emailed didn't have any documentation or change logs included.

So there is a possibility that if you have an older G1M, sold before June 9th, that it may be an upgrade. I did not notice any obvious changes, but I'm not a CW op, so if something is different in that part of the radio, I would never pick up on that.

Be careful with your CAT cable, unplug it before powering the radio back on, and good luck!

Laris, KC9CBX