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Welcome to The Cross Dimensional Traveler's Saloon. 
A friendly haven for weary wayfarers of the multiverse on their way from Here, There and on to Anywhere. Kick your feet up, grab a mug of your favorite brew, and enjoy some cordial conversation with fellow travelers out to explore the limitless possibilities of ~ What IF ~. . . Don't worry. There is always plenty of parking out back for Dragons, Starships, Flying Saucers and Tekno-Magikal Portals. 
Topics Of Discussion range from Hard Sci-Fi to Tekno-Fantasy. From Military Sci-Fi to Military History to Military Fiction to Military Fantasy. From History to Alternate History. From the Real World to the Endless Reaches Of Time & Space. From the Overly Serious to the Boundlessly Humorous  From Sword & Sorcery to Sword & Planet. From Sci-Fi Horror to Urban Horror to Fantasy Horror. From Weird West to Weird War to just plain old Weird Weird. From Xenobiology to Mythozoology to Cryptozoology. From Sailpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk and on to Cyberpunk and All the Other Punks. From Ancient Marvels to Modern Technology to Visions of the Far Far Future. From Aliens/Bug-Eyed-Monsters/Little Green Men to Robots/Droids/Mecha to Zombies/Nameless Eldritch Entities/and the Things That Lurk Under Your Bed. 
And ALL the limitless sources that fire and fuel our imaginations. - Books, Movies, Magazines, TV Shows, Models, The Pulps, Games, Comics, Art, etc, etc. --> And Most Importantly = YOUR Imagination.
There is ONLY ONE RULE HERE = Keep It FUN! . . . (The Guardian Entities have little tolerance for reckless gunplay, malicious spell-workings, Trolls or SPAMMERS.)

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