Yaesu VX-6 for satellite work

Phil Zminda

The VX-6R just adds a little to RX, and, of course, 1.5W on 220. But the FT-60 has 
a much better battery scenario ...

BOTH the '60 and the '6 can be programmed in "split frequency" mode (about page 
28 of the '60 manual ... page 34-ish in the '6R manual).

That mode allows you to program 2M UPlink and a 440 DOWNlink (or vice versa) in 
the same memory location. NOT "full-duplex," but convenient!

Clint K6LCS  


I owned an FT-60 and Elk antenna and did some occasional satellite work a few years ago. I sold the FT-60 to try DMR but kept the Elk. I am over DMR now and sold the radio but looking for an  HT to use for satellites. Although FT-60s are still around I am considering a Yaesu VX-6 because of its similar ruggedness but with additional receive coverage and 220 capability. How does the VX-6 compare with the FT-60 as a satellite radio? I am not looking for full duplex or setting up 2 radios. Are there any other decent performing new or possibly used HTs I should look at? Having Fusion or D-Star would be OK but I don't really need it.


Phil N3ZP

Clint Bradford

Both HTs receive, essentially, 108-to-a-gig. But the VX-6R adds ...