Wouxun KG-UV9d PLUS - HRO Open Box

Clint Bradford

Just noticed that HRO has an "open box" KG-UV9D PLUS ... 


KG-UV9D Plus 999 Channel Dual-Band Handheld - 7-Band Receive


Regular Price: $189.95

HRO Discount Price: $170.96*

Randy Davenport

THIS model - the Powerwerx-distributed KG-UV9D PLUS from them or HRO - is, indeed, 
true full-duplex for AO-91/91 ... but NOT for SO-50: It will not work full-duplex on
440 Downlink / 2M Uplink satellites.

SO-50 can certainly be worked with it - just not full-duplex.


>> Is the Wouxon full duplex?
>> Randy ka4nma