Wimo X-Quad Antennas

Max Becker

Anyone have experience with the Wimo X-Quad antennas?  Although they are cross elements, as I read the literature I'm guessing that these are not actually circularly polarized, but rather just switchable between horizontal and vertical polarization.  Any insight?  Any circularly polarized beam options out there other than the M2 antennas?

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Rusty O'Shaughnessy



The Wimo X-Quad antennas, 2 meter & 70 cm, as you get them are set up with two inputs, horizontal and vertical. However, they also sell premade phasing harnesses for each. with the phasing harnesses they are circular polarized. Depending on how you connect them you can get right hand or left hand circular.


Rusty O'Shaughnessy K7RMO

Jim McGlynn

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 07:38 AM, Max Becker wrote
Wimo X-Quad antennas
Here is what the web site says: The polarization planes can be set as desired with a suitable switch: circular (left or right rotating), horizontal or vertical. You will need a feedline harnes with the feedlines cut to the correct length to be able to shift the phase to make it circular polarization.