locked Who IS this guy?

Clint Bradford

Thank you for your kind words.

Not worth our time discussing. He has proven himself over the years to be irrelevant,
inconsequential, and insignificant.

Clint Bradford K6LCS
909-999-SATS (7287)

>> ... Who is this IDIOT WE4B Jeff Johns that is trying to disrupt and destroy our great 
and wonderful hobby of amateur radio on the satellites? Never heard of this guy. 
Sounds like a troublemaker to me - trying to "stir up the troops."
There are many hams that love your website and also all the time and effort you 
put into the SATS. You are a HERO to many of us with your expertise and you have 
been so helpful to me with all the great info about them. Thank you so much.
Personality I think he is jealous of you because of your valuable knowledge of the 
SATS and how you have taken so much of your personal time to help others, especially 
the newbies that are coming on board.
Keep up the great work, Clint, and forget about a few who are of little value to the hobby. 
Thanks for all your help.