Where's AO-92? - RE-POST

Clint Bradford

Time to re-post this hypothetical scenario ...

There's a pass of AO-92 going right over your Zip Code ... Your equipment 
is ready. You step outside - calmly, of course (grin) - and you hear 
that wonderfully strong 2M downlink! You wait for a break in the 
action, key your mic and announce yourself. And ...

No one hears you.

If you have worked her U/v in the past, you've probably done 
NOTHING wrong. Because AO-92's operations vary between ...

- the "easy-to-work" UHF-Uplink / VHF-Downlink "U/v" FM transponder

- its 1.2gHz-Uplink / L-Band Downshifter

- Virginia Tech's Camera

- and the University of Iowa’s High Energy Radiation CubeSat 
Instrument (HERCI).

So HOW do you know WHICH FM Voice MODE the bird is in? (No 
one likes disappointing friends and family members with 
un-accomplished comms ... (grin))

The LIVE OSCAR STATUS page will tell you - but that might be "delayed" a 
bit with our reported results.

SO ... The quickest way to get notifications of mode changes is to subscribe to 
AMSAT-NA's Twitter feed -

Hey - I've done it: Keying up on a wrong mode. Doesn't hurt anything. And any long-term
satellite operator who is honest with you will admit they, too, have made such an 
"accident" at least once in their sat careers (grin). And when '92 is using its non-FM-voice 
systems (like this week's testing of Virginia Tech's camera) - nothing will be available for 
voice work.

SO ... watch the Twitter feed. Make sure '92 is in the mode you expect and are set up 
to work. If it is in 1.2gHZ uplink, it'll be back to 440 uplink in a couple days!

Clint K6LCS
951-533-4984 - cell

Ian Turner

To Funny and great timing.

Last night at 22:52 with 5 min prep went outside and as soon as the door opens I hear contacts thinking this will be easy.
But not luck was had even with a direct overhead pass man this bird moves quick.

Thanks Clint

Clint Bradford

Are you transmitting the 67.0 tone???


Ian Turner


Thats why I was poking fun at myself I forgot to do that.