UVSQ-Sat delayed to Jan 23 at 14:40 GMT

David Spoelstra

Launch of the #SpaceX mission carrying the #AmateurRadio UVSQ-Sat #CubeSat has been postponed until Jan 23 at 14:40 GMT

This one has an FM transponder for ham radio use:

"As part of the ham radio mission, the UVSQ-SAT one-unit CubeSat embeds a radio transponder which will be accessible to the community in parallel with the other scientific objectives according to the power budget. The UVSQ-SAT team will provide an availability of the transponder up to 20% (schedule 7 to 15 days in advance with a distribution via the project's website and / or twitter account, transponder activation/deactivation dates, satellite status information's (battery level, ...), constraints (ex: eclipses), ...)."

-David, N9KT