Using an SDR Receiver with SatPC32

Les Rayburn

Finally, I have all the components together to add a SDRPlay2 receiver to my satellite station. 

I purchased two Alpha Delta 4 way N female switches. This will allow me to have one each for the 2M antenna, and another for the 432 antenna. 

Attached to each will be the IC-910H, Kenwood TM-D71GA (with duplexer), SDRPlay2, and my D-STAR ID-800H (with a duplexer.) 

In theory, this will allow me to route the antennas to any of the four radios for either TX or RX depending. 

The last hurdle is how do I interface my SatPC32 software to control both the uplink on the IC-910H and the SDRPlay2 for the downlink at the same time? 

Any help appreciated. 


Les Rayburn, N1LF
Maylene, AL 
AMSAT #38965, ARRL Life Member, CVHS Life Member, SVHF Member