Thank You for the Donations

Clint Bradford

Thank you fellow hams here - and other friends on Facebook - for MEETING 
the $300 donation amount for Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center!

The monies are buying a replacement Epson projector for QOH. Just now 
need a little more to cover sales tax and a three-year warranty on the lamp.

There's still time to donate (grin). They ARE a 501(c)(3) ... Their Web site is 
at ...

And my "Clint's Birthday Fundraiser for QOH" can be found on my Facebook 
page at ...

Don't worry ... I only ask for money for a very few, select organizations. Like 
we need money for - that donation site is at ... - 
and the way your donation there is handled, it, too, can be considered a 501(c)(3) 
tax-deductible donation (ask your CPA for details).