Thank You, Dixie Amateur Radio Club!

Clint Bradford

Thank you, Dixie (Utah) Amateur Radio Club, for the warm welcome 
this evening as I presented my "How to Work Amateur Satellites With
Your HT" show.

The club has a rich history of service in their region ... an ARRL supporter
for decades ... their ARRL section manager was in the audience ... GREAT
questions throughout the presentation from the club.

Ric K7DLX set it all up. We have a mutual friend who passed away a 
few years ago: John Poat K6MJB. The three of us worked on the commercial 
side of the radio business way back when - for Motorola and Kenwood and Tait.

THANKS AGAIN, Ric and Dixie! Enough "prizes" for darned near 
everyone in attendance to walk away with SOMEthing tonight! And 
thanks to visitor Carl WA7PIB for making it a point to attend tonight - 
even though he KNEW I was speaking ... (grin)

Clint K6LCS 

Clint Bradford

“Clint, that was the best presentation we have ever had in the club. Everyone is commenting on it today. Thank you so much for making it a hit and for bringing out such a crowd in a rainy night. It was incredibly awesome and I owe you one, my friend.”

Wow, many thanks, Ric. And as a member told
me last night, you are only a six-hour drive away ...



Clint Bradford

I neglected to mention that about a week or so after this presentation, 
I received an unexpected USPS Priority Mail delivery from the Dixie club.

I opened it, and was pleasantly surprised: The club sent me a Fisher Space
Pen. Engraved ... gift presentation box ... and even a couple of refills!

What class! 

Thank you again, Ric and all, for the welcome AND for this wonderful gift!