Ten Years Ago ...

Clint Bradford

A friend just sent me this ... from ten years ago ... makes one feel REALLY old ...

K6LCS satellite presentation at the Anchorage Hamfest

Craig Bledsoe, KL4E of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC) noted their September 17 Hamfest featured a first-ever, remotely-delivered keynote presentation by Clint Bradford, K6LCS.

In order to facilitate this full-duplex two-way video Skype conference between Clint's studio in Riverside, California and the Anchorage Hamfest a team of hams assembled the technology to make this happen.

Led by Rich Gillin, AL4S, and Eric Thompson, N6SPP, the team installed an AT&T active remote phased-array WiMax antenna at the hamfest and aimed it towards the AT&T Alascom headquarters on Government Hill many miles away. The resultant broadband signal enabled Clint to present over a hundred PowerPoint slides through a laptop computer and projection system while his audio was delivered via a Skype connection. Two way internet video streaming allowed the audience to see Clint and he was able to see the crowd at the Hamfest.

Clint delivered a fascinating look across the spectrum of amateur satellite operations. From the earliest days of the first OSCAR satellites first launched over a half-century ago to the organization of AMSAT and today's comprehensive international efforts to get the latest amateur technologies into outer space, his presentation covered it all.

Clint also taught the basics, showing step-by-step how a beginning ham can use a simple handheld radio and antenna to work the satellites with great success.

In addition to all of the on-line satellite discussions, the AARC also conducted real-life satellite QSOs from the hamfest before and after Clint's presentation. Using AO-27, SO-50, and AO51 the host operators N6SPP and KL4E worked over a dozen amateur satellite stations in three countries. Then a number of guest operators who were attending the Hamfest got on board as well. Several visiting hams made their first satellite QSOs that day - and they were thrilled!

All-in-all everyone had a great time at the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, and many visitors said that they thoroughly enjoyed Clint's presentation.

Clint's satellite pages can be found at:

Source: Amsat News, Craig Bledsoe, KL4E of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club