So hooked!

Hayward Gaude

Second day of trying to work satellites and worked SO-50 twice with a Nagao vertical mag mount on my xterra a baofeng HT and worked 3 QSOs!    

Really want to learn about directional antennas and get more into this!

Hayward - KG5YYN


Hi Hayward,

Get a hand-help Yagi. There is the Arrow and the Elk. I got the latter as iuts parts are colour coded and the arrow's are not marked.

I got my Elk a while ago but have not used it yet. I'll health got in the way. Anyway, getting some crazily hot weather so time to get it out.

73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT

Hayward Gaude

Everyone almost universally recommends these two antennas so II will undoubtedly be getting one of them.   One of my challenges is finding a consistent place where I can operate.  I live in an apartment and it's like being in a canyon between the buildings.  

Hayward Gaude

Just worked AO-91 with this...  BIG difference with the directional antenna!

Clint Bradford

Check out the ANTENNAS page at our own ...


If you are into building, there are also some simple cheap Yagi designs if you can find by searching online.

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH