Sideways Satellite Show

Clint Bradford

Ever have one of those nights where everything just went weird in front of an 
audience? Well, MICROHams in the Puget Sound region was the "recipient of
weird Clint" tonight.

Although I have truly never given the exact same show twice - as each is 
customized to the group to whom I am speaking - I pride myself in having 
it fairly well "scripted" and under control. And always allowing for questions
any time. And although the club president Grant WB7WSD (former ARRL 
Northwestern Division Vice Director) just emailed me ...

"Thanks again for a great presentation and a lot of laughs tonight!  People
had a great time. I can see why your program is so popular. You and Karen
are quite a team and have quite a good routine!"
... so it looks like all went well. But attendees know otherwise. 

It started as pressed a wrong button within Zoom. Not sure what
occurred. Been Zoom-ing for more than a year. But I couldn't get
up and running. Thank goodness my wife, Karen (she handles the
Chat Room) was on the call - and kept the assemblage entertained
while I sweated out the Zoom stuff. Then the Chat Room exploded
with downright hilarious banter ...

Oh, and then we had a "Getting Started" satellite presentation ... (g)

Their Q&A kept us going for almost two hours. We had a great time.
Got a new member for the club - Glenn plans to join this week! Forgot
from where he was calling ... but was a first-time attendee there
specifically for the satellite show.

Approaching 120 total shows ... Don't fret, upcoming audiences in South
New Jersey and the University of Arizona: I'll have it all back together by then.

Clint K6LCS

Clint Bradford

ERRATA: Grant’s call is KB7WSD, and is MicroHAMS’ club secretary … Thank you, Glenn, for the error-check. Clint K6LCS