Should You Submit Your Received SSTV Images to ARISS???

Brad Smith

I am frustrated. I try to submit my photos (.jpg) by clicking the "Here" and filling out the boxes and when I hit "Submit" I get the error message "Incorrect file extension!"  I have tried it from both an Apple device and my PC laptop, with the same results. Can anyone help me?  I really want to get the certificate and QSL card.


In a message dated 4/12/2018 11:05:09 PM Central Standard Time, Work-Sat@... writes:



Keep up with ARISS SSTV progress by visiting the SSTV mission blog. Learn more about the current project by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page


You may submit SSTV reception reports by going here. We may not be able to display every image because of quality or duplication, but it is important for you to submit them for engineering analysis purposes. The rest will be archived onto a subsidiary page.


Personally, I have received QSL cards for this type of project in the past. If I were to receive an image that I did not see already transmitted to the ARISS team - or my download was a clearer image than what is already posted there - I am not going to upload my received images. I would ra ther the ARISS team spend time on first-timers and engineering issues.


BUT - if you want a QSL card for your efforts - and plans are being worked out now on how to acquire one - UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES to the site cited above! And CONGRATULATIONS for your efforts!


Clint K6LCS