SatPC32 Updated

Clint Bradford

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Version 12.9,

Release April, 2021
The Icom CAT functions have been expanded. With previous versons 2 devices could only be controlled at a single COM port via their CI-V ports. Now they can alternatively be steered as Radio 1 and Radio 2 at 2 COM ports.  This is helpful with radios which provide CAT control via their USB port. With radios without CI-V port (e.g. the IC-705) it is the only way to steer 2 devices. (Use the same address for both devices in this case.)

Release March, 2021
USB-D, LSB-D and FMD mode of Icom radios added also in Wisat32,
FMD added in SatPC32ISS

Direct support of the Green Heron RT-21 rotor controller added (ServerRT21).