Satellite Presentation for YOUR Club!

Clint Bradford

Hams are so cool. From my presentation last night to North New Hampshire:

"Thank you so much for such a fun, informative presentation. You certainly have 
and love to share your enjoyment in working satellites. We learned a lot.”

And earlier this week:

"Clint is our premier AMSAT Ambassador, conducting an endless series 
of these great presentations across the country. His contributions are 
really appreciated.”

Think YOUR club or convention would like a “Getting Started With the Ham 
Satellites” presentation? Write or call me!

Sadly, however, these Zoom shows have their drawbacks. From last night, 
Mary Jane N1RKO advises:

"BTW - about the brownie ice cream sundaes I mentioned last night that we serve 
at our club meetings - I failed to say that the brownies are homemade … “

Clint Bradford K6LCS
AMSAT Ambassador, ARRL instructor