SARCNET Rotator Users?


Does anyone use one of the SARCNET rotators? I purchased one of their new Mk2 systems and I’m curious to see what others have done to mount the rotator to a tripod. The nice people at SARCNET emailed me some details on what they recommend but just about everything on their list is discontinued product. 

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Jeff Hochberg 
Atlanta, GA


I bought one but it hasn't arrived in my country yet.
Could you provide this instruction to mount the rotator to a tripod?

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Absolutely! This is exactly what they sent me:

  1. Prepare an Extra Heavy Duty Speaker Tripod. Try Jaycar CW2860 or Altronics C0524. Remove the speaker bracket.
  2. Attach a 6mm shaft-hub to the top of the tripod using a (1-inch) 25mm irrigation-pipe (plastic)  threaded plug, 3mm cheese-head bolts, flat washers, spring washers and nuts. Fix with self-tapping screws to the tripod. Replace the grub screws on the shaft hub with cheese-head bolts or cap screws to obtain additional torque.
  3. Attach the rotator's AZ motor shaft to the tripod and tighten the hub screws. 
  4. Round the sharp edges of a lift arm made from 500x30x30x3mm aluminium angle.
  5. Make a counterweight from a 101x51x25mm diecast aluminium box: Altronics H045, or similar. Filled with lead.
  6. Attach the counterweight to one end of the lift arm with self-tapping metal screws.
  7. Attach the Arrow antenna to the lift arm using Velcro. This is for quick release of the antenna and hand-held operation, if required.
  8. Attach a 6mm shaft-hub to the lift arm close to the balance point. Ours was 140mm from the antenna end. A slight front-heavy balance offset will reduce backlash.
  9. Attach the lift arm to the rotator's EL motor shaft using the 6mm shaft-hub and tighten the hub screws.

What you'll find when you go to look for the tripods they recommended is:

1. They're from companies located in Australia
2. They've been discontinued

I own a Manfrotto camera tripod and a tripod from a Celestron telescope. I figure between those, I'll be able to fabricate something.

They also sent these pictures: