Question about Footprints and WAS/DXCC

Paul AC9O

I am still new and learning a bunch about satellites and what you can and can't do. I have some basic questions and hopefully I don't sound too dumb!

I understand about the footprint and that depends on how high the satellite is. And that some satellites have a more elliptical orbit and can be higher at times in their orbit.

From what I can find, all the FM satellites are somewhere around 300 to 400 miles up and their footprint limits how far you can contact another station when you are both at the edges.

I am in Illinois, and it looks like Alaska may be possible if there's a station in the panhandle. But Hawaii seems like a footprint too far.

Some linear satellites are higher, but that's of no use if all I have is a handheld FM rig.

Have I got it right?

Thanks to all and 73
Paul, AC9O

Brad Smith

From Chicago land you are not going to reach HI on an FM bird. AO-7, yes, with a very low west pass and your Arrow on a tripod. Very few satellite hams in HI, though, but once in a while a rover goes there. Brad KC9UQR