Probably No ISS Voice for Field Day

Clint Bradford

NASA, ARISS-NA and the ESA indicate there will probably 
NOT be any free time available for ISS FM voice contacts 
this Field Day.

BUT keep those two freq pairs programmed ... just in case!

ISS frequencies posted on the home page at ...

Clint Bradford

And Ken Ransom - N5VHO (the 
ISS Ham Project Coordinator) checks in and advises not to expect any work with the ISS this Field Day.

That just leaves a total of 15-18 workable birds ... (grin).

Best compilations right here:

(It was formerly known as ... )

... and ... - for the linear birds.

Also from AMSAT-NA's Field Day 2018 page:

"This year should be easier than many years since we have more than 10 transponders and repeaters available. Users should check the AMSAT status page ...


... and the pages at ... 

... for what is available in the weeks leading up to field day. To reduce
the amount of time to research each satellite, see the current FM satellite table at ... 

... and the current linear satellite table at ... "