PocketSat3 Status???

Ken Kaplan <wb2art@...>

Jim’s PocketSat has been my favorite for many years, too. But I haven’t heard from him in a while, either.

Let’s each send him an email, and see what his status is.

Wow, what memories. Palm PDAs, Treo devices ... (grin)


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Hi all.
I am just getting back into satellite (FT60r+ELK) after moving from NY to FL.
I had the original Pocketsat running on a Palm 100, which I no longer have.
So, I have the new version, Pocketsat3 running trial mode.
Has anyone actually paid for and received a registration code recently?
I would hat to just send the money, then never get a response.
I also have the AMSATdroid app, but prefer Pocketsat3.
Ken WB2ART EL98au

Ken Kaplan <wb2art@...>

Same results here, too. I just hope Jim is OK. He has been a wonderful reference person for many years.

I am still using PocketSat on a couple iPod touch models- and it is still working perfectly.

Thank you, Ken, for your kind words about the Web site.


Hi Clint

Already sent an email. No response
On his website, you can go to an order page and put in the serial number of Pocketsat.
But then, you get an error message from the credit card processor and cannot go further.
To bad he did not automate the purchases (you need to get another number to register the app).
He has a twitter account that looks active, maybe I will try that.
Ken WB2ART EL98au
BTW, great stuff on your website!