Operating Tips

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From the email folder ...

- I have the squelch turned off. There is a lot of static emitted from the
HT's speaker. Would I be better off to use a headset?

Only if the noise bugs folks around you! All that noise is part of the excitement - 'cause once it starts quieting and you hear voices, the background noise drops dramatically.

- The Yaesu has a SMA connector for the antenna so I had to buy a SMA-BNC
connecter with a short cable. Would this radio work better with the Yaesu
SMA-BNC connector which has no cable?

The Yaesu CN-3 is dangerous. It offers absolutely no protection from stress to your radio's SMA connector. There's only about 1/3db loss in those 18" jumper cables. OR, use Stephen Gulyas' excellent, protective BNC-to-SMA adapters (his info is at ...


- The highest elevation angle on the two passes I worked was about 30
degrees. I tried to make contacts when others briefly stopped transmitting,
but was unable to make one, or, if I did make it, I was unable to hear a
response. Should I be waiting on a higher pass over my location?

With the Arroew Sat antenna, I am successfully working passes much lower than that. Make sure your TX freq is correct, and NO PL on the TX.

- How critical is tuning frequencies up and down to compensate for Doppler
effects on the receiver? Is it also necessary to tune the transmit freqs? I
can tune this HT in steps of 5Khz on 2 meter and 70cm frequencies.

On the receive side, darned near mandatory. You WILL hear the FM birds ABOVE the posted freq as you ACQUIRE ("ABOVE - ACQUIRE" is my mnemonic device), and work them right in the middle.