My Philosophy (and it Works!)

Clint Bradford

Some seem to not understand the concept of “entertainment” as new topics and techniques are being introduced to audiences. Like, say, working amateur radio satellites with just a handheld radio and inexpensive antenna improvement.

It feels like their concept of “education” is different. Like taking the kids to see the movie, “Misery,” to learn how to care of a house guest. 

Nope - what has succeeded for me is one of Charles Schulz’ wonderful quotations ...

No ties. No formal clothing. No mandatory tests afterwards. Always solicit questions any time during the show. Make sure you ask the questioner if you completely addressed their inquiry. No podium - nothing between my audience and me to hide behind. Visual “props” to hand around that illustrate ideas and concepts. Engage the audience - never lecture them. 

Planning presentation Number 100 right now. It has been a glorious run - and plenty more to come.

Thank you all for your continuing support.