Mobile Antenna

Clint Bradford

I was just asked what I use to work the sats while in the car.

Well, nothing "special." I have a setup that receives well ... and it gets in to 
SO-50 and AO-91/92 just fine - but nothing specific for the satellites.

The Diamond mount is a clean, "no holes required" one. And the antenna 
does not require grounding.

Each are available at Ham Radio Outlet.

Steve wGØAT <goathiker@...>

Clint ...So if not using a directional antenna do most fixed and/or mobile stations run some power to make up for the antenna gain loss? I’m new to the LEO FM SATs and still learning. Fun stuff but challenging to get in to these birds when they’re busy with just a HT/and hand held Yagi!

Thanks, Steve/wGOAT

Clint Bradford

Yes. Might take 10W with that less-directional/efficient antenna to accomplish what can be done 
with 2-5W and a tape measure antenna ...


Joe Krepps

Oh my...planning on mounting antennas on the goats, Steve? LOL/HiHI!!

Thanks, Clint, for the tip. That's really encouraging. I remember, about 10 years ago, I had my Yaesu HT sitting in the back seat of my car. Didn't know it was on and a satellite pass goes overhead. It was one of the older Yaesu's that was full duplex. No idea what ever happened to it, unfortunately. I got an Icom W32A but managed to dump a lot of water on it - never got around to getting it fixed. Hoping to _finally_ get on with the '817ND + Arrow.

Tnx & 73/72,